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My Approach

I am Noemie, an experienced and qualified Art Psychotherapist. I currently work with both adults and young people in my private practice in West London as well as working in various schools.

I hold a master's degree in Art Psychotherapy. I have full membership with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as well as being a member of the British Association Of Arts Therapists (BAAT) abiding by their ethical framework for good practice.



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My approach

My approach is to find a connection with the indvidual so we can work together on your needs.

I believe that as per Gabor Maté said : "trauma responses are a normal reaction to an abnormal situation".

Abnormal stuations happen and cannot be changed, however we can work with and through trauma responses.

Sometimes, talking can feel too challenging, and working with creative resources can open new ways of expressions. It can also bring to surface important unconsious material to work with and leading to a better understanding of the self.

My sessions are non-judgmental, honest, and committed to help you understand what is going on for you as well as respecting your pace.

My approach is focused on working with feelings, and felt senses in the body because emotions are a key indicator of what is really going on for you.

I support people with a range of issues, which some are listed below (not limited to):

  • Children suffering from behavioural or social problems at school or at home

  • Children with learning difficulties

  • Children or adults experiencing severe stress, depression, anxiety or other mental health problems

  • Individuals suffering from abuse, trauma or neglect

  • Loss or bereavement

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